Meditate For a Healthy Lifestyle
January 7, 2018
Experience a guided Power of Meditation
January 7, 2018

Light of wisdom

What wisdom light? The light of wisdom is something that is born forever in our hearts and for our eternal life. Light wisdom tells us that there are only two powerful forces on Earth. These forces are the temptation of power and liberating power. When we go to the power of temptation, we realize that our body does not wake up, our life is undisciplined, our mind is not human, and our heart is not satisfied. When we strive to solve the power, we realize that our soul is a completed fact and at the same time to fulfill reality at all times; that our soul is enlightenment and at the same time an always revealing reality.

When we enter the spiritual life, we recognize that we have three teachers: ignorant teachers, teacher knowledge, and wisdom instructors. The ignorant masters teach us to speak. Professor of knowledge teaches us to speak and act. But the teacher of wisdom teaches us only how to act spontaneously and unconditionally.