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January 6, 2018
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January 7, 2018

What perfectionism? Why is it a theory of self-realization?

The word “perfection” is rooted in the Greek word “eudaemonia”. The Greeks interpreted the word as something very close to what we call happiness.

For Aristotle, “eudémonie” meant the end or the last cause of moral life. According to him, the word means an exercise of the soul of man, or the execution of means of moral capacities according to excellence or virtue.

Perfection as a theory of moral standard advocated perfection as the highest moral purpose or the summum bonum of life.

The word “perfection” is vague in its importance, because it could mean perfection in medical practice, perfection under the wing of a work of art, making the kitchen perfect. But perfection exploring moral researchers is self-realization. According to the perfectionist, self-realization is the highest goal of moral life. This can mean self-development