Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh,India
January 31, 2018
Why is Yoga So Good for You? | Health and Fitness
January 31, 2018

Yoga Teachers Training Course in India – Rishikesh


Yoga Teachers Training Course in India – Rishikesh

These challenging positions reinforce weapons and heart muscles, improve balance of reflexes, and sharpen your mind by focusing more effectively. They help prevent osteoporosis by strengthening bones and may even help you with your daily activities (transporting groceries, moving heavy objects, etc.).

EkaPadaBakasana – One-legged crane position

This is an advanced posing that can only happen if you have learned Bakasa, requires a lot of balance and practice.

Come to Bakaksa. When you are stable with the Bones, tighten your right knee closer to your center line and make sure your feet are actively pointing to the big toe back. Move more weight to the left arm and move your right leg from right hand, pulling your right leg toward your upper body. When you are firm when the right knee is bent from your right hand, continue slowly toward the center line as you push the right leg backwards. Keep this as long as possible, it is initially a few seconds, slowly growing. Come back to squat.


Strengthens the core muscles
Strengthens wrists, arms, back, shoulders
It is an asymmetrical posture requires a lot of strength, so it improves the coordination of all the muscle.

Spine injury
Wrist injury